Product Design

Command Tubular’s products are designed to meet the most demanding specifications for today’s drilling market. We have a fully staffed engineering and metallurgical department with many years of combined experience ready to bring your projects to the next level.

Our trained specialists create custom designs according to specific customer requests either by modifying standard products, designing custom tool joints or formulating special metallurgy; all of our designs are tested and verified before delivery to the rig site.

In addition, technical experts simulate drilling conditions to duplicate and analyze drilling failures. Command Tubular’s engineering group coordinates failure analysis and includes product specification and quality documentation review, rig site or yard visit with visual inspection/ NDE, drilling operations review and sample mechanical testing and corrosion analysis.

Our extensive engineering resources include:

  • Drill Stem Design
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Test Laboratory
  • Metallurgical Analysis
  • Machine Shop Support Facilities

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