Drill String Design

Command Tubular’s groups are tuned into customer’s needs and drilling trends in addition to meeting customer tubular requirements, completion and secondary recoveries. Our technical support division also provides first class assistance with drill string design, product specification review and guidance in product selection.

Command Tubular assists in drill string optimization while offering solutions for specific operations based on a detailed analysis of individual well programs. This includes proposals for dimensions, quantity, applicable specifications, material grade selection and connection selection.

At Command Tubular, we determine the manufacturing route, supplier selection for critical materials and expected performance values. High strength thin wall drill pipe can be used to produce light weight strong drill string for extend reach wells. High strength thick wall drill pipe can be used to produce high strength drill strings for deep wells requiring high tensile capacity. Special sized drill pipe can be used for optimized hydraulics, clearance, and collapse in extended reach wells.

Advances in drilling, particularly extended reach, deviated, and deep wells, require advances in drill pipe technology. Complex horizontal and ERD well profiles are continuously pushing for extended capabilities of the drill string including increased tensile strength-to-weight ratios and high-torque connections to overcome frictional drag forces, slim profiles to achieve improved hydraulic performance, rate of penetration, control of well trajectory, and optimal hole cleaning.

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