Command Tubular can assist you with a complete list of services for your drill string products. We can put you in contact with a worldwide network of repair facilities in order to handle your every need.

 This includes, but is not limited to thread repair, coating application and hardband repair or application, inspection services and pipe running/supervision services. Highly trained experts ensure that each job is done to API and Command Tubular standards and expectations. If you have specific needs for your projects, Command Tubular can give you the options that you need.

Client Specs

We can adhere to any client specifications i.e. requiring specific dimensions etc. Each order can be custom fitted to specific requests. Command Tubular’s quality management system allows us to have the following:

American Petroleum Industry’s Standards (API)

API 5DP — Specification for Drill Pipe

API 5CT — Specification for Casing and Tubing

API 7-1 — Specification for Rotary Drill Stem Elements

Fearnley Procter Group’s — Non-Productive Time Solution System “NS” Standard

NS-1 — Quality and Inspection Requirements for new and refurbished drilling and well completion equipment



Command Tubular, in alliance with a number of international coating companies, offers a variety of coating options that protect internal pipe surfaces from the effects of corrosion and erosion as well as reducing friction and turbulence in order to increase flow efficiency. Internal plastic coating is generally an epoxy resin that is applied to the ID of Drill Pipe and Heavy Weight Drill Pipe. Each pipe goes through a process which starts with burning out the pipe to remove all grease, oil and other contaminates. The pipe then goes through a blasting process to remove any rust and scale to insure a positive anchor point for the coating. The pipe continues through the coating line where it is blown out, primed and coated with the Epoxy resin, then cured in the oven.

Ordering one of our many offered pipe coated drill stem products from Command Tubular will save time and money while simplifying logistics.

Coated 5″ drill pipe. Photo courtesy of Texas Internal Pipe Coating.

Benefits of Internal Pipe Coating

•        Reduced corrosion and wear

•        Increased flow capacity

•        Minimizes costly downtime repairs

Depending on customer specifications, we offer many pipe coating options.
Coating materials are available upon request.


Hardbanding is a process of applying a rich alloying metal on the outside surface of a drilling component. The application of the weld metal is done by welding the metal in the desired location.

This metal will act as a sacrificial pad extending the life of the drilling element by wearing down; thus, protecting the drilling element. Current hardbanding capabilities include hardbanding drill collars, heavy weight drill pipe, drill pipe and loose tool joints.

Hardbanding wires include

  • Liquid Metals Armacor M Star
  • Arnco hardbanding series XT

Command Tubular is an authorized applicator of the following hardbands: 

  • ·Arnco
  • ·Duraband
  • ·Hilong – Botn
  • ·Armacor products
  • Tungsten-Carbide (application)

Make and Break


All Drill Pipe & HWDP Tool Joints

Factory 3-cycle Make & Break of the connections is done to 60%, 80% and 100% of the recommended make up torque for each connection. As per Command Tubular’s manufacturing specifications,  all drill pipe & HWDP tool joints are required to be made & broke, prior to welding at the factory. This also includes all double-shoulder & high-torque connections (CET™ and CDS™).

Saving You Time & Money

Make and break is performed in a controlled environment prior to delivery to the rig.  Performing make and break before delivery to the rig saves money by saving rig time.


Proper initial make-up is crucial to the life of the tool joint connections. By preforming the initial Makeup and Break out of each connection in a controlled factory environment, galling of the threads can be avoided. All Command Tubular Drill Pipe Connections go through a 3 cycle make up procedure which is performed at 60%, 80%, and 100% of the recommended torque for each connection.



  • Ensure connection threads and seal face are clean and free of debris.
  • Thoroughly dope the pin and box of the API connection or the Command Tubular CET™ and CDS™ connection.
  • Spin the connection up at no more than 60 rpm.
  • Make the connection up to 60% of its make up torque.
  • Break out the connection.  Break out torque should be the same or lower than the torque the connection was made up to.
  • If the break out torque is higher the connection should be cleaned and inspected.
  • Make the connection up to 80% of its make up torque.
  • Break out the connection.
  • Make the connection up to 100% of its make up torque.
  • Break out the connection, thoroughly clean and inspect the connection.
  • Re-apply thread compound and thread protector

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