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The rotary kelly is manufactured in two basic configurations, square and hexagonal.

Each kelly meets the mechanical specifications listed in API Spec 7 and are available in four standard lengths:

Standard Lengths

  • 37 feet (11.3m) overall length with a 34 foot (10.4m) working space
  • 40 feet (12.2m) overall length with a 37 foot (11.3m) working space
  • 46 feet (14.0m) overall length with a 43 foot (13.1m) working space
  • 54 feet (16.5m) overall length with a 51 foot (15.5m) working space

Hexagonal or Square Kellys

Kellys are made from AISI 4145H modified alloy bars which are quenched and tempered to full length.  A hardness range of 285 to 341 BHN and a minimum impact value of 40 ft-lbs are maintained one inch below the surface at room temperature. All ends and center drive sections are machined. The kellys are precision-trepanned to provide true bores. Command Tubular kellys are drifted to API specifications and all connections are precision-machined and quality-assurance inspected. Note: All Command Tubular kellys are completely integral.



  • Hexagonal or Square Kelly
  • Nominal Size
  • Bore
  • Size and type of Top connection
  • Size and type of Bottom connection
  • Top upset OD
  • Bottom upset OD
  • Plain shipping scabbards are available

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