Drill Pipe

Drill Pipe

Command Tubular provides drill pipe in every weight, grade and size from 2-3/8” to 7-5/8”.

Our drill pipe goes through vigorous quality checks to ensure each piece meets strict quality standards for superior durability and performance. Each piece of drill pipe is machined from a specific alloy that allows for exceptionally tight dimensional tolerances and enhanced performance.

Command Tubular uses a minimum of 95% nominal wall thickness on new drill pipe. All of our tool joints exceed API requirements and all threading is performed in accordance with API Spec 7-2. Tool joint markings are applied to API RP7G specifications or to meet customer requirements.

Hardbanding and internal plastic coating options are also available upon request.


Features and Benefits

  • 95% minimum wall
  • All tubes/Grades full length ultrasonic inspected (flut)
  • All tool joints exceeds API requirements
  • Connection threading is performed to API Spec 7
  • Tool joint markings are applied to customer or API RP7G specifications
  • Factory 3 cycle make and break on all connections
  • API tool joint lengths minimum 2” longer than that of standard API tool joints
  • Tool joint lengths minimum 4” longer than that of standard on all CET™ and CDS™ proprietary high torque double shoulder connections.
  • Full documentation packages provided


  • Command Tubular’s drill pipe options include internal plastic coating
  • Various optional hardbanding materials are available and applied to either raised or flush to the tool joint surface to meet individual needs

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