Welding Line

Command Tubular’s state of the art, automated weld line produces drill pipe to API and NS-1 requirements and heavy weight drill pipe to Spec 7-1. Our welding line for assembly of drill pipe employs the latest technology for welding and heat treating:

Key Features:

  • MTI inertia friction welder with fully automatic controls and data acquisition of welding parameters for each weld by serial number
  • Ajax induction heating equipment with fully automatic control and computerized setup / diagnostics for heating the weld area
  • Normalizing or quenching and tempering computer controlled
  • Proprietary equipment and methods for removal of weld flash and automatic location of the weld area
  • CNC lathes for weld prep and final machining
  • Wet fluorescent magnetic particle  and ultrasonic inspection of each weld
  • Automated handling equipment throughout the line 

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